Letter To The Editor
Letter To The Editor
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  • 승인 2002.12.04 00:00
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I would like to bring up the problem with the elevators and stairs of the Ewha-POSCO Hall.
As many of you may already know, the Ewha-POSCO Hall has only two elevators. The elevators have been a problem since the beginning of the semester, when a pregnant woman was trapped inside for an hour. However, nowadays, students and professors alike go through war to use the elevator. People push each other until they are all jammed inside the cubicle.
Moreover, the stairways are all very narrow and confined. Before and after classes, students hurrying to their next classes block the stairway near the elevators, causing more danger. Students should be encouraged to use the other two stairways as well. And the school needs to put up signs that separate ascending and descending stairways.
The stairway in the middle of the Ewha-POSCO Hall has another problem. Many students wear skirts to school, and the spaces in between the stairs are disturbing. Of course, this is a women"s university, but nonetheless, I cannot understand why the stairs were built as they were.
The Ewha-POSCO Hall is where classes of the Colleges of Business Administration and Social Science are held. Most freshmen students, like me, visit the building at least twice a day. As far as I can see, it is the most populated building in Ewha. Therefore, more adjustments must be made for student safety and comfort. Solving the problems of the stairs will help solve the problems of the jam-packed elevators.
Moreover, students should stand in line and keep order to prevent accidents.

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