Ewha promotes school accident insurance to students
Ewha promotes school accident insurance to students
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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Students who are hurt on campus or while taking part in university-sponsored events may soon be more likely to have their medical bills paid through the university’s school accident insurance.
Since 2009, 73 students received compensation for accidents through the insurance program. There are now fewer than 10 student claims for the insurance.
Many students are unaware they can use the insurance if they injure themselves.
“I had no idea the school has been providing this great school accident insurance,” Goo Da-eun (Consumer, 3) said.
“Having attended school for three years and hurt myself several times, I have never expected the school to compensate for my injury.”
The Ewha Office of Student Affairs (OSA), in charge of school accident insurance, said the insurance has not been largely publicized, which may have resulted in fewer students making claims.
The OSA wants to publicize  the insurance program more actively by providing a link on the Ewha homepage and by setting up a one-call service that provides insurance information, starting this semester.
“The OSA has attempted to inform students about the school accident insurance through the freshman orientation brochure distributed and I@EWHA,” said An Yoon-jin, an official at the OSA.
“However, starting this semester, we will continuously post a notice on the Ewha homepage and portal system about school accident insurance and provide detailed information on submitting the compensation form.”
Students who are members of the Students Government Association and official school clubs can apply for compensation at the Student Welfare Center (SWC), while other students can through their college administration offices. Students can also receive overlapping insurance compensation if they have other insurances.
The insurance, run jointly by the OSA and Hyundai Insurance, covers undergraduate, graduate and exchange students.
 “The program provides financial compensation for injuries or accidents around campus from slight wounds to fractures, and injuries sustained when participating in activities for which Ewha is responsible such as a field trip,” An said.
All students currently registered for classes including summer and winter sessions are eligible for School Accident Insurance.
“The general coverage ranges from traffic accidents, simple fractures, broken bones and sprains to lacerations and other accidents related to school activities. But the amount of compensation will depend on the doctor’s bill,” An said. 
Students who wish to receive compensation must meet two conditions. The accident must happen on campus or during school-sponsored activities.
Students injured on campus should submit a compensation form within 180 days of accident, which is available at the SWC and at each college’s administration office.
Forms to be submitted should include detailed information about the injury, an accident report, a doctor’s bill and a doctor’s note proving the diagnosis and the treatment.

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