Goham20, sending out shouts of 20s to society
Goham20, sending out shouts of 20s to society
  • Jeon Ji-won
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Goham20 stands for the hope to make 20s’ voices so loud as to become goham to the society.

If you type “20s” in the search box, you would find hundreds of news related to the 20s. However these are not voices of our own. People do say a lot of things about 20s, but seen through the eyes of others, there can be a distorted view. Faced with this problem, some “spunky” 20s chose to confront it head-on, establishing their own press “Goham20” to make 20s’ own voice heard.
Goham20 is an online press owned and operated solely and voluntarily by those in their 20s. “Goham” is a Korean word for shouting. Together with 20, its name Goham20 represents the aim to make thousands of 20s’ voices to get loud as to become a big “goham” to our society.
Over two million people have visited the site so far, but it first started as a small group of five college students who were dreaming  of becoming future journalists.
“Though there has been a lot of discussion on 20s, I wondered if any of this really reflects the thoughts of them. So we decided to develop this group into a press to speak up,” said Kim Seon-gi (Yonsei University, 4), the president of Goham20.
There are currently 37 reporters recruited nationwide who write an article every week. It has its own system to maintain the quality such as giving feedbacks among themselves and having regular meetings.
There is technically no limitation in finding topics; anything can be dealt with as long as it contains the perspective of the 20s.
Goham20 recieved attention and proved its quality last year when a terror occurred in Norway. One of the reporters who was in Norway as an exchange student pointed out the misinformation in Korean press.
“I got to know this while talking with my Norwegian friend,” said Koo Hye-jin (Sungkyunkwan University, 4), a reporter of Goham20. “Being reporter, I was able to write an article about this and through my article, one reporter from another press corrected his article, and others followed.”
As Goham20 increases brand awareness and gains popularity, many readers actively express their opinions by leaving comments. Some even lead to heated arguments.
“I understand it because there can be various interpretations from the same text depending on individuals’ point of views. I did not care since it’s natural to express one’s opinions when it differs from others,” Kim said. Once, his article was followed by over 20 comments, some even containing swearing words aimed at him.
Besides reporting, Goham20 seeks for further communication. Last year, they published a book titled, “Come On, World,” and held “Dream Presentation” events for several times in a hope for an open communication. They plan to publish another book and to hold an event this summer.
They definitely have strong points operating solely among the 20s.
“As we deal with our own problems, we are able to address what other press has difficulty knowing, or sensitive issues,” Kim said. “Sometimes we reveal a new view of viewing problems.” Goham20 also have freedom of speech when compared to other reporters under higher authorities. However, it is not without difficulties.
“As an independent press, we have chronic financial problems. We also feel the limit when it comes to requesting interviews or covering the case in-depth due to lack of public confidence yet,” Kim said.
Despite these difficulties, reporters of Goham20 keeps steady for various reasons.
“I like people here, and love that I can write about anything I want,” Koo said.
“I find it rewarding when I find our articles elsewhere such as at other people’s SNS timeline or when a newspaper study group studies with our articles,” Kim said.
They reveal their strong ambitions about becoming a representative press of 20s.
“We hope Goham20 to be a place where the 20s’ diverse opinions coexist. I would like our image to be set as a press where people would think it is where people can see what the 20s really think,” Kim said.
For further information, visit the homepage (http://www.goham20.com).

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