Sit-in protest sits in question 2
Sit-in protest sits in question 2
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SGA’s explanation and its position on the protest

Acting Ewha persists its sit-in protest, demanding a sufficient response on their agendas from the school since April 4.
SGA representatives say they pondered on specific ways to achieve Ewha students’ demands before the General Assembly, which was supposed to be held on April 4 but failed due to the low rate of attendance. The SGA set up a tent for sit-in protest in order to continuously present students’ demands to the school and put more pressure on it
“Sitting in a tent can visualize the continuing protest and therefore could be much more effective than other methods such as gathering signatures or writing demands throughout campus,” explained Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 4), the president of the SGA.
The SGA started the sit-in protest by pitching a tent in the space on the flank side of Gate 1 of the ECC. They have encouraged students to share the tent as an autonomous space after making a reservation.
In addition, SGA opened a snack market and sold cakes and muffins to raise funds for the protest from April 9 to 13.   The SGA also made a cartoon to promote the protest and distributed it throughout the campus to encourage students to visit the tent. This sit-in protest does not have a direct connection to student representatives of Ewha’s colleges and departments.
 “However, the SGA tries to communicate with the representatives of each college and make some connections with them,” Jung said.
The SGA holds meetings related to the protest inside the tent and follows ordinary routines such as studying, eating, and sleeping. The sit-in protest is mainly run by executive members of the SGA, while other members take turns to sleep over in the tent so the tent would be constantly occupied.
“The sit-in protest seems meaningful and significant since it will last until the school accepts the demand agendas for students,” Jung said.
The SGA states that it will be able to decide whether to continue or quit the protest only after the school gives a substantial response to the demands.

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