One word can change our whole life
One word can change our whole life
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Kwon Ye-sol
(Media Studies, 1)
If I upload one phrase on Twitter or Facebook unconsciously, it can change my life totally. What is worse, I can even go to court because of what I write.
Most people announce their daily lives through social network services. There are more than 700 cases which adopted as evidence of litigation. Lately IT world, media specialty company in America, introduces five behaviors which we never do on social media area.
For example, Natalie Blanchard who works at International Business Machines (IBM), uploaded her trip essay on Facebook to celebrate her birthday. However, she was absent due to depression.  As a result IBM charged her with fraud and won the case.
Also we have to think again before twitting. It is not good to post lewd pictures. Anthony Winner who was the congressman of the State of New York had a problem because he posted an obscene picture on twitter and his many followers caught that.
Moreover, a policeman sent a disrespectful twit to his 84 followers and got fired. Furthermore, we can be sentenced to two years of imprisonment because of our daily pictures.
A 22 year-old woman who lives on Santa babara served two years in prison because her passenger was killed by an accident. Without her photo taken at party, she could have been released, however she was executed by a prosecutor because of her photo uploaded on the internet.
These days, Facebook users hit eight millions and twitter hit five millions. By using this network, we can communicate with anyone living all over the world or find old friends. In addition, we can express our feeling promptly and leave our trace of life so that everybody can share this.
These networking systems may seem to benefit us at first glance, however, at the same time, it is terrifying to know that one day these behaviors might catch us up.
Also, we do not realize how writing random lines from our head directly is insulting and unpleasant to see at that time. Social networking area is not a good place to show our thoughts so we have to think once more before writing. When we talk, we know spoken words are irreparable, so most of people speak in measured terms. However, people change their attitude in cyber area: writing down impromptu thoughts on social networks or broadcasting life in real time.
If we do not pay attention,  anyone can experience embarrassing moments. By the time we realize the problem, it is too late. The key is that writing on social network unintentionally can threaten our life, so we have to be cautious in every respect and watch our step.

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