Ewha Alumnae, another name of family 1
Ewha Alumnae, another name of family 1
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The Latin words Non Nobis Solum, written by the Roman philosopher Cicero, mean “not for ourselves alone” in English. Ewha has strived since its establishment to become a cradle of education that contributes not only for its own, but for all Korean females and society. Since Ewha President Kim Sun-uk’s inauguration, Non Nobis Solum has been emphasized to fulfill Ewha’s social and historical responsibility as the biggest women’s university in the world. President Kim added communication between members of the Ewha family as a key to inheriting the Serving and Sharing spirit. This special edition focuses on the stories of the 180,000 members of Ewha family throughout its 126 year history. Stories about the history of Ewha alumnae over the world, and alumnae still being together in various fields will be featured.

Shin Kyung-hee (’84, Special Education) recieves Beautiful Ewhain of the Year Awards.

Closely knitted network of Ewha Womans University Alunmi Association
When Ewha Womans University Alumni Association (EWUAA) was established in 1908, it only had five graduates. More than a century later, the number has expanded to 180,000 people, serving as a group of female leaders contributing to the development of Korean society.
“The purpose of Ewha’s alumni network is to solidify Ewha as one big family and build stronger ties between alumnae, and pose a greater impact around the world,” said Joh Jung-nam (’75, Medicine), who is the 16th president of EWUAA.
EWUAA is divided into local and global alumnae branches. Domestic groups include 25 local associations nationwide, from Gang-neung in the east to Jinhae in the south. There are 20 to 200 members in each.
The global network of Ewha alumni crosses boundary with a total of 55 associations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and even Alaska. Forty are in the United States.
The alumnae association holds yearly events including Homecoming Day held on Ewha’s founding anniversary which is on every May 31. The association invites all graduates to attend programs with those who graduated from Ewha 30 or 50 years ago attending as guests of honors. During the event, all departments name one graduate each as Alumnae of the Year to commemorate their accomplishments and dedication in their fields.
The alumnae association seeks contributions from alumnae during the ceremony. EWUAA raised 100 million won for the school for 10 consecutive years, and increased the numbers to 200 million won last year.
The alumnae association also publishes a bulletin containing information about Ewha’s recent events for better communication with general members. It is published four times a year and operates the Web site (http://www.ewhain.net).
“The various programs are held with two objectives: supporting the alma mater and consolidating ties among members,” Joh said.
The international alumni groups also run scholarship foundations, host fashion shows, hold golf tournaments, organize art exhibitions and hold regular gatherings.

* Reporter: Lee Min-jeong & Lee Ji-hyun & Kong Min-ji & In So-young

* E-mail: mjlee@ewhain.net & jihyune2@ewhain.net & minji.kong@ewhain.net & insarah@ewhain.net

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