Learning to enjoy life in Paderborn
Learning to enjoy life in Paderborn
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Kang Hwang and her friends enjoy their visit to Sylt, an island in northern Germany.

It has been a while since I came back to Korea from Paderborn in Germany. It feels like it was all just a dream.
My life in Paderborn was extremely amazing and awesome. Paderborn had allowed me to mature mentally, and I bet I will never forget my experiences there.
First of all, I was able to improve my English proficiency. Before I went to Germany, I didn’t like talking to foreigners  because whenever I had to talk to them, I felt as if I had butterflies flying inside my stomach. I was worried and scared to speak in English. However, in Germany, there was no other choice for me but to speak in English or German. It was quite stressful at first, but due to the forceful situation, I was able to improve both my English and German language proficiency.
Moreover, I could make many new friends and learn new things from them. I still keep in touch with my friends I met in Germany through Facebook and Skype. In Germany, we would usually go to the pub, attend parties, or travel around Europe and visit my friends’ houses. We were able to enjoy our lives. In fact, that was what I really learned in Germany.
When I was in Korea, I did not have time to relax or hang out with my friends. At times, I would make an excuse and slip out, when my friends would call me out. But now I realize that I was foolish. Thanks to my precious friends, now I know what the most important thing is.
As I mentioned before, I traveled around many countries experiencing exotic cultures and meeting friends from different backgrounds. Because Germany is located in the center of Europe, I could easily visit other countries.
If I had not visited Germany, I would not have met my friends and visited countries they grew up in. Now that my friends all live in different countries, I care about what happens in Germany, Portugal, Spain and many other European countries. I believe my friends care about Korea as much as I do. We broadened our perspectives and viewpoints together.
I appreciate Ewha, Paderborn University and my parents who  helped me experience all the good days. Thanks to their support, I learned many things which would have been impossible to learn in a small classroom. I hope I can visit Paderborn again someday. I will never forget the precious memories in Paderborn.

* Kang Hwang (Advertising and Public Relations, 4) studied at the Paderborn University in Germany.

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