Student opinions about Engineering Library diverge
Student opinions about Engineering Library diverge
  • Lee Sang-ha
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The Engineering Library opened on Feb.1 on the first floor of the New Engineering Building. Students have been using the library for about two months and their receptions toward the new library are mixed.
One of the main benefits for engineering students is that there is no need to travel all the way to the Ewha Womans University Library anymore.
“The Engineering Library provides professional library services for the benefit of students unable to get to the Ewha Womans University Library due to geographical problems,” said Kim Se-ju, a librarian of the Engineering Library.
“Finding major related books and references became much more convenient because it can be done in the same building where we take classes,” Lee A-rang (Electronics Engineering, 3) said.
The library also provides branch library loans in which students are able to request desired materials to be delivered from nearby libraries instead of going to borrow them in person. Engineering students welcome the new serivce since only two libraries on campus provides it for undergraduates.
However, not all the students are fully satisfied. The Engineering Library occupies the space that used to be the engineering reading room.
“Several seats once used in the reading room are now furnished in the library, but those seats are unavailable after 5:00 p.m. since the library closes at that time. This makes it inconvenient for us to stay up all night, which we frequently do,” Jeong Han-nah (Environment, 4) said.
Students mentioned other areas that also have rooms for improvement.
“Problems like short opening hours, lack of computer software services and the shortage of books available in the library should be immediately solved,” said a student who wishes to remain anonymous.
The Student Council of the College of Engineering is putting efforts to enhance the library environment.
“We are discussing with the administration office about providing classrooms that can be used as reading rooms open 24 hours during the exam period,” said Joe Hye-yeon(Computer Science & Engineering, 3), the co-president of the Student Council of the College of Engineering.
The library also wants to offer a better studying environment for students.
“We are planning to discuss about buying  newly published books and references in addition to extending opening hours,” said an official of the Engineering Library.

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