Ewha proves competence for international cooperation
Ewha proves competence for international cooperation
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
  • 승인 2012.04.13 17:22
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Ewha was selected by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to participate in the 2012 program for the Fostering and Supporting Leading Universities in International Cooperation on April 4. This is a new Korean version of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) model founded to initiate the establishment of state of the art education systems and education resources in universities in developing countries.
A total of 13 universities in Korea applied for the public offering of this for 2012, but only Ewha and Pohang University of Science and Technology were nominated as the new models of the ODA after three stages of the evaluation process.
Ewha appreciates the chance to share educational resources and know-how with universities in developing countries to help them achieve excellence in education.
“The recent selection of Ewha for the program offers a great opportunity to realize Ewha’s 126 years of vision best expressed through its disciplinary motto Non Nobis Solum which means ‘Not for ourselves alone,’ but for society at large through education. As Ewha was established in the 19th century by the devotion of an American missionary, Ewha will now take on the role of a leader in women’s education to contribute to the new human civilization in the 21st century,” President Kim Sun-uk said.
The evaluation process for selecting the university in charge  required five criteria; educational capability, clarity of business vision and goal, ODA business experiences and accomplishments, possession of rich human and material resources, and potential of active global cooperation.
Ewha will receive 400 million won over four years to work on spreading the ODA’s expertise throughout Cambodia’s elementary and higher education. Also, Ewha will assist in the establishment of a Cambodia Development Laboratory.
“Since professors of the Department of Social Welfare voluntarily visited Cambodia every vacation to give free lectures and formed strong relationships with Cambodians, we thought that the program was perfect for our new social welfare project. We believe that the voluntary devotion of professors and the support of Ewha for exporting quality education and cultivating talent will help ensure a bright future for Cambodia,” professor Cho Sang-mi (Social Welfare), an official in charge of new models of the ODA said.
With the start of this new ODA project, Graduate School of Social Welfare, Graduate School of International Studies, Research Institute of ECOSCIENCE,  Korean Studies, International Studies, and the Institute for Development and Human Security will all cooperate in helping the Cambodia-Ewha Institute for Social Welfare to provide children and family support services, Korean instruction for teenagers, and an environmental lecturer nurturing program.

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