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Proudly stepping into Ewha as a freshman
2012년 03월 29일 (목) 21:11:36 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr
Shin Chae-eun
(International Studies, 1)
I clearly remember the day when I first arrived at Ewha Womans University to go to my first orientation. I walked into the main gate and was stunned by the beautiful campus.
Of course, it was not my first time visiting the campus because I came for interviews a couple of months before, but I was too nervous back then to truly realize the beauty of our school. It was different this time because I now feel like a true part of Ewha community.
Walking from building to building, I imagined myself moving busily after classes, eating and talking with my new friends, and studying diligently during exam periods.
Just thinking of myself as an official college student filled my heart with excitement and anticipation.
More excitement followed when I arrived at the meeting place in front of the Student Union building: as I met up with my classmates, I began to feel the rush of adrenaline and was even more excited to start my college life.
At the orientation, I met many new faces and was fascinated by the distinct characteristics that each and every one of us possessed.
As we talked more with each other, I found out that most of us were moderately satisfied to attend Ewha.
Some girls were complaining that other school friends were degrading our school and had regretted their decisions to come to Ewha.
Also others just ended up coming to this school because the school they originally wanted to attend was financially too burdensome.
I was able to understand and empathize with all of their concerns and reasons behind their choices. I also had my reasons on behalf of my decision to attend this university.
However, whatever happened before was the past and what really matters now is the present. And if there are people who are disrespectful towards our school, I think it is our best choice to ignore those remarks.
I used to be sensitive when people made unpleasant comments about my school, but now, I am happier than ever and feel very blessed to have been accepted to this school.
I worried that I might not be able to adapt to an “all-girls-school,” but that was a foolish thought because there are far more benefits in becoming a student of Ewha.
Learning from capable peers and excellent professors, I look forward to improving both as a student and an individual.
I know that most of us had the same concerns and similar minds when we first stepped into the main gate, but now I think all of us have started to open up to each other and created a more unified community.
I think the respect that we have for each other plays a huge role in creating such a balanced group.
I hope we continue this wonderful bond that we have created and hope to have an amazing college life throughout the four years.
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