HCAP: Cast aside prejudice and dive into Korea 3
HCAP: Cast aside prejudice and dive into Korea 3
  • Hur Jin & Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.03.29 20:56
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Ewha’s continued five year partnership with Harvard and HCAP

Ewha HCAP await their reunion with Harvard students at Incheon International Airport.
Theoretically, Harvard board members select the HCAP partner universities. Ewha has continuously received positive feedbacks in the past years, maintaining the partnership.
Every year, Ewha has been able to understand and fulfill the mission of HCAP and execute a successful conference. Such efforts have resulted in the long lasting five year partnership with Harvard and HCAP.
“We are grateful for the work students have done in preparing for the program,” Park said.
A Harvard participant also further complimented the attitude of Ewha students.
“The Ewha delegates that come to Boston are always very engaged, and when they return to Seoul and work with the second half of their group, the delegates always manage to produce a wonderful conference that is perfectly balanced with academic, cultural, and social events,” Wu said.

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