Ewha tops in supporting disabled students
Ewha tops in supporting disabled students
  • Kim Jin-ah
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The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology  selected Ewha as one of the best universities with excellent conditions for disabled students on Feb. 29. The ministry evaluated 331 universities across the nation last year on their overall systems and welfare conditions for disabled students. In total, 34 universities stood out  among the 331 universities.
This evaluation was conducted in order to attract universities’ voluntary participation in offering better education for students with disabilities. It mainly consisted of three parts; registration of disabled students, teaching-learning methods, and facilities.
All evaluated universities were classified based on four grades, and the universities that were rated as “best” each received more than 90 points total out of 100.
The evaluation started in 2008, and conducted every three years. Ewha has been consecutively recognized as one of the best universities.
In the case of Ewha, the highest scores were achieved in the “registration of disabled students” and “teaching-learning method” parts.
“Through scholarship programs, Ewha supports students with disabilities for better campus life and learning. Ewha also offers free rental service for various learning-aid tools and consulting programs to support them in job hunting,” said An Yoon-jin, an official at the Office of Student Affairs.
However, Ewha received an average grade for facilities.
“With a continuous long-term plan, Ewha will try its best to improve not only our services but also facilities for students with disabilities,” said Lee Joon-suh, the director of the Support Center for the Students with Disabilities.
There are several old buildings with architectural features in Ewha that make renovating the buildings for disabled students much harder.
“However, since 2005, Ewha has paid particular attention to securing many modern amenities and consulting with disabled students on their convenience in the process of extending and constructing buildings,” An said.
The evaluation, which targets all universities in Korea, will be conducted again in 2014 using an evaluation index to be newly updated and refined next year.

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