Ticket price rise for more parking space
Ticket price rise for more parking space
  • Moon Bo-ra
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▲ Drivers are charged more for parking at Ewha from 2012.
The campus parking ticket price rose from March 1: four-hour ticket price is increased from 1,500 won to 2,000 won and daily ticket from 3,000 won to 4,000 won.
While the change was made to relieve the problem of parking space shortage, it was inevitable due to difficulty of running parking system at the previous price.
The two-hour ticket and the hourly rate remains the same: 1,000 won for a two-hour ticket, 2,000 won for 30 minutes, 500 won and 1,000 won for additional 10 minutes before and after two hours each.
This change applies to drivers on campus including visitors and school staffs.
Amano Korea, the company that manages parking space at Ewha, decided to charge more for the parking tickets in order to cut down on the number of cars coming in and parking on campus, which can further relieve the problem of parking space.
“There always has been a shortage of parking lots, which cannot be easily solved due to current campus capacity. But, as the number of cars coming in rises, we chose to cost more for parking, hoping to see less cars on campus,” said Lee Ho-youl, the manager of Amano Korea.

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