My blooming semester at AU
My blooming semester at AU
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▲ Kim Soo-jin (’11, Social Studies) poses with her friends at D.C.
A day after New Year’s, I arrived at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. I have traveled many cities in the world since I was eight, but it was my first time visiting a city for a long period. I was excited, but at the same time, nervous for the new future ahead of me. However, when I saw American University (AU) for the first time, all fears changed into relief. AU was a  small school, but every building was well-equipped and beautiful. Also, I could feel passion from the students of AU.
The orientation program for exchange students was very helpful for adjusting to a new life, especially college life in the United States. After taking this program, I was ready to go sightseeing near D.C., buying food, hanging out with exchange students, and registering for classes. I took 12 credits, which were recommended to all exchange students. I had a lighter academic burden compared to my life at Ewha. I still had to submit more than one essay every week, but I had lots of free time to enjoy a new life with new friends. Luckily, I met many nice friends there. Some drove me to parties which helped me make new friends with different personalities and perspectives from mine. I could experience various countries’ cultures through them, and I shared some Korean dishes and Korean pop cultures with them.
I also got a chance to work as an intern at the Korea Embassy. I mainly worked for Korus House, which managed cultural events such as Taekwondo ceremony, Korean art exhibition and so on. I also participated in a presidential event. During President Lee Myung-bak’s U.S. visit for a summit talk with President Obama, I served president Lee and other officers. From these experiences, I could open my eyes toward a broader world and reach my dream more closely.
I still feel one semester was too short to experience everything, but I feel proud of what I experienced during my stay and will cherish it.

* Kim Soo-jin (’11, Social Studies) studied at American University in the United States.

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