Ewha launches Student Cafeteria Monitoring Group
Ewha launches Student Cafeteria Monitoring Group
  • Lee Ji-hyun
  • 승인 2012.03.16 16:53
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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) officially appointed eight students as members of the Student Cafeteria Monitoring Group on Feb. 22 to evaluate meals prepared by the student cafeteria in Morris Hall. The group started its work this year in the beginning of March and will continue through June. During this period, they will have received free meal coupons three times each month.
Food on the cafeteria’s menu is rated based on a five-star rating system in four categories: taste, quantity, hygiene, and service. In evaluating, the monitors can write their opinions about the cafeteria at the bottom of the evaluation sheet, and suggest ways to improve the satisfaction level of students.
“The results of the evaluation conducted by the student monitors are sent to the Shinsegae Food System, which is the student cafeteria’s management company,” said An Yoon-jin, an official of the OSA. “The company collects data to improve the quality of the food with reasonable price and better service. The results will also be posted on bulletin boards at the cafeteria.”
The OSA plans to continue monitoring foods from the cafeteria by employing four students during vacations.
The student monitoring system has been implemented since the 43rd Student Government Association (SGA) encouraged a boycott of cafeteria food last year. SGA members formed a Student Cafeteria Improving Team consisting of 220 Ewha students, allowing them to request remodeling of the cafeteria, diversifying foods on the menu, improving side dishes, and starting up a student monitoring system.
Ewha renovated the cafeteria during the winter break and increased the number of items on the menu. However, one of the monitoring group members says  improvement is still needed.
“The cafeteria still provides side dishes that are old and dry. Also, the amount of food is too little to satisfy my hunger,” said Wang So-jeong (Environmental Design, 2), a member of the Student Cafeteria Monitoring Group. “Compared with cafeterias in other universities, services at ours are not satisfactory. I hope they increase the amount of the meal or at least improve the side dishes.”

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