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Pace yourself, one step at a time
2012년 03월 04일 (일) 11:22:31 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr
▲ Hwang So-hee(Media Studies, 2)
The year 2011 has allowed me to learn and grow in various aspects.
It was my first ever in university, and my mind was full of questions: I didn’t know what to do and where to start. That was why I searched for extracurricular activities.
In the first few weeks of school, it is easy to see posters on boards and upperclassmen encouraging freshmen to join clubs and activities. Make sure to read the posters carefully, gather information or ask people about it, and choose the group that fits you best.
I believe that in bringing the fullest of college life, extracurricular activities are almost as important as getting good grades.
By participating in activities, you can make new friends, get to know better your seniors, and develop your own skills.Through these activities, greater opportunities may come to you. For example, a position as an intern may be offered or better yet, you may be the winner of a certain contest and earn money. In the end, these unexpected experiences all seem worthwhile and fruitful.
Personally, I’m one of those “go-getting” style people, reaching out for any possible opportunities that are placed in front of me.
For this reason, I signed up for a photography group, was and still is a part of student council, and patrolled around campus as a student guard.
While participating in these activities, I’ve learned the importance of time distribution. Productive use of time is the best way to being the best of your work. No matter how heavy your work load may be, with effective time division, nothing will be impossible.
Furthermore, I request you leave time to spare for yourself.
In the beginning, as I spent most my time working, I found myself pressed for time. It all seemed futile and I was totally worn out. No doubt I earned a lot through these activities, but I lost my personal time.
You may end up questioning “When will I do all the things I want to do,” or “It seems there’s not enough time to do everything.” But truth is, there is plenty of time for us. It is only just the beginning.
As professor Kim Nan-do said, the age of 24 is only 7:12 a.m., just about time for us to leave home and head out.
We have four, or even more years ahead of us. Cramming everything you want to do into one year will only leave you restless, so take your time and walk your path in your own pace.
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