From ice-rink to campus, Kwak unfolds new life at Ewha
From ice-rink to campus, Kwak unfolds new life at Ewha
  • Moon Bo-ra
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▲ Kwak (Health Science, 1) hopes to acheive her aspirations and gain new experiences from studying at Ewha.
On March 2012, figure skater Kwak Min-jeong (Health Science, 1) opens up a new chapter of her life as an university student.
Kwak is a rising star in figure skating and her talent was discovered at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This year, having turned 20 years old, the gold medalist of New Zealand Winter Games 2011 officially became a freshman at Ewha.
“Athletes, especially figure skaters, have a relatively short career length which leaves them feeling constantly shaky about their future. By attending Ewha, I will be able to find assistance in visualizing my career path later on when my career as a skater ends,” Kwak said.
Kwak chose to enter the College of Health Science in order to study sports science in depth. Although she naturally knows about sports from ice skating, she never had the chance to study sports academically and now wants to learn more about specific theories and scientific principles of sports.
Besides her major studies, Kwak is particularly eager to study something new, such as psychology.
She knows well how big of an effect psychology can have on athletes from experience. From eight years of skating, she noticed the strong association between sports and psychology and has realized her keen interests in studying it in college.
“When the gate closes down on the ice rink at a competition, I hear a loud thump. And, all of sudden, butterflies fly in my stomach and I get scared, noticing the very usual fact that I am alone at the rink,” Kwak said, recalling the moment.
In the future, she wants to bring her experience of competing internationally into a career like becoming an international referee.
 To take a step closer to her goal, she hopes to broaden her knowledge and perspective by taking classes in diverse fields, which is the reason why she chose to attend a university instead of attending a college specializing in sports.
Kwak not only passionate about studying and building a career, but is also excited for the campus life.
“Due to my tight practice schedule, I missed the chance to enjoy school life during my childhood, which left me with no school friends,” Kwak said.
▲ Kwak (Health Science, 1) performs to Pachelbel’s Canon at 2011 summer skate show, “All That Skate.”

“In Ewha, I am expecting and hoping for a very typical college life, making many friends majoring in different areas, shopping clothes and accessories and eating snacks in front of Ewha as well as getting good grades.”
Managing both careers as a figure skater and a full-time student can come across as a burden. The routine of taking classes and practicing skating will be even tighter than before; however, she is determined to do her very best. 
Taking another step as a full-time student, Kwak is filled with exuberance and is enthusiastic of matriculating into Ewha as any other ordinary girl. She is even more so as a figure skater.
“I want to leave a long-lasting impression to figure fans. I will work hard consistently, so that the figure skater Kwak Min-jeong can be remembered for a long time, rather than getting a short spotlight,” Kwak said.

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