Ewha adopts system for taking leftover credits
Ewha adopts system for taking leftover credits
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.03.04 10:54
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From the spring semester of 2012, students who does not wish to register for the full 18 credits  a semester will be able to take the leftover credits.
Though all students are eligible to apply for this system, those who have withdrawn from a course  will be unable to take any of those additional credits in the following semester.
No more than two credits can be made up per semester, and 21 credits is the maximum registration allowed. For example, if a student takes only 15 credits this semester, she can register to take two of the three leftover credits the next semester. If credits are not taken the following semester, the right to take those credits will expire.
This new system has been introduced to improve the acquisition of credits for students.
“There are many courses worth  one to two credits. Assuming it be hard to fill 18 credits with such courses, we thought it would be better to transfer the right to take these unused credits rather than leave them behind,” said the person in charge at the Office of Register.
The Student Government Association (SGA) has consistently requested this system, and they welcome this change with open arms. However, they believe there could have been improvements in the development of this system.
“There have been no negotiations with the students in the process of adopting the new system for taking leftover credits,” said Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 4), the president of SGA. “So there are still many shortcomings to the system. The main request of the student body was for students to be able to take credits later whenever necessary, but the time and credit restrictions are too limiting.”

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