Fitting into a certain society, matter of time
Fitting into a certain society, matter of time
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(Media Studies, 1)
Moving to and living in a new country and environment were never challenging for me. However, joining the Ewha Musical for U (EMU) was an obstacle for me.
Loving to sing, dance, and play musical instruments since young, I applied for EMU to enjoy what I want to do. When I passed the audition, I was extremely happy to have a chance to make my school life more pleasurable.
Through EMU practices, I learned to get into the character by feeling and expressing the character’s emotion through my voice and actions. However, I was afraid I would not be able to deliver the message of my character fully due to lack of ability to express in Korean. This  motivated me to work hard to the best.
So when I was to play a  protagonist for our September musical performance, I was excited but also afraid because of my Korean.
To prepare for the performance, I had to practice everyday during my summer vacation from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It was even harder because I had to act a depressed character from a poignant background. I knew that I was pushing myself too much, but I was angry at myself for not being able to portray my character well.
Because I was not familiar with the senior-junior relationship in Korea, I also struggled to get along with my club’s seniors. I would come home from practice and literally cry everyday because of the stress and difficulty I had to put up with. At many times I wanted to give up, but deep inside I knew I would regret.
Finally the three days of matinée and evening performances had arrived. Performing on stage made me forget about how upset I had felt and how much I had wanted to give up. Our performance was a success and I burst into tears on my last performance because I remembered all the hardships I went through.
From my experiences, I learned that a society can be anything within a country, a school, or in my case, a school club. I have experienced many different societies throughout my life and realized that fitting into a society is a matter of time. Anyone can adjust to a new environment, but it takes time. We should not rush, but enjoy the moment and let things flow naturally. Eventually, we will come to realize that the puzzle has been completed.

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