Discovering vintage Seoul in Hwanghak-dong 2
Discovering vintage Seoul in Hwanghak-dong 2
  • Park Ra-kyung
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Culinary delights in Hwanghak-dong

▲ Fried sauced-gopchang is one of the favored dishes in Jungang Market.
Street and market eateries are another attraction of Hwanghak-dong area that one should not miss out.
Gopchang is a famous Korean cuisine made of grilled beef and pork intestines usually enjoyed as a side dish with of soju. It is hard to cook gopchang to get rid of the ingredient’s stink, but the gopchang restaurants in Jungang Market satisfy people with its fine taste. Gopchang alley is the nineth alley of Seoul Jungang Market, located at the center of the market. Famous gopchang menus: Salt-spiced gopchang, Fried sauced-gopchang, and Fried gopchang with vegetables. Average price of Hwanghak-dong gopchang is 10,000 won which is way cheaper than other areas.
Hodduk is a famous Korean street food that can be seen easily. However, different from hodduks in Myeong-dong and other tourist spots, hodduks in Hwanghak-dong is credited for its original taste which was famous in the 70s and 80s. Hodduk stalls in Hwanghak-dong are clustered near Sindang station exit number two, and the average price is 1,000 won for three hodduks.

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