Exchange program participation is limited to inexperienced students
Exchange program participation is limited to inexperienced students
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) posted a notice on Ewha’s official homepage on Nov. 14 about applying for the 2012 fall semester Ewha International Exchange and Study Abroad Program. A revised policy for the program restricts students who have already participated from reapplying for other language using countries. Programs are offered in English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese. 
The OGA applied this changed policy since last August 2011 fall semester Ewha International Exchange and Study Abroad Program to give equal chances to students who want to go abroad but it has not been properly promoted to students.
“We are responsible for all students to equally get valuable experiences abroad, which will help them to extend their perspective and relationships,” said a staff member of the OGA who is in charge of the exchange program.
After the notice was posted, complaints and a big welcome rose among interested students.
“I participated in the exchange program last year in the United States but I have been waiting to apply for the 2012 fall semester program as it was possible to go to another country in a different language, French, German, Chinese and Japanese,”said a student who wishes to stay anonymous. I major in German and I decided to go to an English speaking country for my first experience as an exchange student since I anticipated a second chance to go to a German speaking country for profound academic research next year. When I saw the notice, I first got angry and disappointed.”
Other students are also disappointed with the new policy.
“The change in policy should have been announced at least at the brief information session held on Oct. 13 for the fall semester  of 2012 Ewha International Exchange Program and Study Abroad Program since many students do not know the marked change in exchange student policy, rather than notifying it on the bulletin board afterwards,” Kwon Sun-woo (Business, 3) said.
The OGA says that there are still lots of chances to go abroad for students.
“For students who might have lost their second chance for the exchange program, other doors are still open for them aside from the regular exchange programs,” said a staff member of the OGA.

There are also students who welcome the OGA’s new policy.
“As the number of students who wish to participate in exchange programs increases every year, there should be restrictions on going twice or more for the program abroad,” Shin Jeong-won (Economics, 4) said.
“The competition for participating in exchange programs is very harsh since I had to write an application form and attend interviews diligently and honestly  because I really wanted to chase the chance to study abroad and experience exotic atmosphere. Students who anticipated a second chance must have been disappointed about the new policy but they have to remember that more students are waiting for their first valuable chance to study abroad,” Han Yeon-kyung (Consumer, 2) said.
The OGA suggests that students who want to get a second chance for studying abroad apply for exchange programs provided by several departments - School of Business, English Language and Literature, and Scranton Honors Program. Students who have participated in the exchange program provided by the OGA can reapply for the Ewha exchange program.

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