Ewha reorganizes its university identity
Ewha reorganizes its university identity
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2011.11.18 12:51
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▲ The slogan and new graphic design show Ewha’s spirit and visions.
The Ewha University Identity (UI) was newly set up, showing the core brand power of the school linguistically and visually. Ewha has worked on a project for establishing Ewha UI since the end of last year, and a small part of its UI was shown to the public at the Ewha’s 125th anniversary ceremony this year.
As a part of newly established Ewha UI, the school mark was reorganized and the Ewha font was developed. Also, the slogan “Ewha, Where Change Begins” and a new graphic design “The Way of Ewha” were created. The slogan contains Ewha’s frontier spirit and vision; the graphic design shows the past, the present, and the future of Ewha. In addition to the slogan and graphic design, the Ewha symbol, logo, signature, and emblem were organized as well as the guideline on color usage for each college and the school mark.
Related to the Ewha UI, the Ewha UI Day was also held on Nov. 9. Furthermore, three dimensional artworks were also exhibited on campus, produced by professor Cho Duck-hyun (Painting) and his team.

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