Put down shields and welcome your peers
Put down shields and welcome your peers
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I am soon facing my first full year at Ewha after this semester. The most outrageous sight that caught my eye when I first entered Ewha was students doing everything on their own, including eating and walking around campus. It was as if I was the weird one, thinking this as a bizarre phenomenon.
As of today, I am one of the typical Ewhaians, walking around campus and eating kimbap alone. I understand people have different schedules for personal reasons, but individuality in Ewha is a bit strong.
Unlike other schools, there is no relationship between the upper and lower grade students, not even among the same major.
Having come from a co-ed high school, this individualistic environment, which seems like a glass broken into millions of pieces, is foreign to me. Recently, I organized a membership training among students in my major, just to have fun. Unexpectedly, people misunderstood my intention and looked upon it with bitterness. In Ewha, though people argue about the lack of communication amongst people, when an opportunity is offered, they laugh at it scornfully.
It is full of inconsistencies. While people complain that individualistic atmosphere is the school’s fault, when the opportunity comes, they pull out their shields and place it around themselves.
Surprisingly enough, the cooperation and engagement scarcely seen during school years is easily observable after entering society. According to Ewha alumni, being a graduate of Ewha comes as an advantage in society where communication between Ewhaians is active.
My question here is what is the point in having strong union and group-hood after graduation. I wish for a more vibrant and energetic college life; to know more students and collaborate with a larger group of people. Moreover, I would like for there to be better interaction between different class students.
Being alone may be comfortable, but getting to know more people is a crucial part of college life. Girls can have fun too, chatting boisterously and laughing our heads off.
Rather than having students from other schools thinking of Ewhaians as a group of quiet and stingy people preferring to live alone, it would be better to be seen as a more vibrant and collaborative group.

♦ The writer’s view in this section can be different from Ewha Voice’s view.

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