CDC initiates Special Lectures Series
CDC initiates Special Lectures Series
  • Oh Yoon
  • 승인 2011.11.04 13:17
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Career Development Center (CDC) initiated a new career development program series for job-searching Ewha students, Special Lectures Series since this November. This year, the lectures will be held under the theme of “Job-searching First step, Finding the Information on the Enterprises.”
Different from the ordinary special lectures given sporadically, the Special Lectures Series will combine specific and similar lectures into a series.
“It is our first time giving out a series of special lectures combined in a specific theme,” said Lee Ye-Ji, the staff member in charge of the Special Lectures Series at CDC.
Students welcome the Special Lectures Series, which is relatively different from the existing lectures given by CDC.
“Most of the lectures I took from the CDC were for one-time only so the information I could get was limited,” said Cho Seung-yeon (Advertising and Public Relations, 4).
“However, since CDC is planning on giving out lectures in series, it will be more helpful on getting in-depth information on job-searching.”
Starting from November, CDC is planning to give lectures on mid-sized, foreign affiliated or public enterprises, which is different from the usual lecture themes that focused largely on large-sized corporations. Specifically, CDC organized five lectures on subjects such as, the prospects of mid-sized, foreign affiliated or public enterprises, how to apply for those enterprises and so on.
“There has been increasing demand from students for more information and lectures on mid-sized, foreign affiliated or public enterprises. CDC also identified the necessity for a while,” Lee said.
The lectures began on Nov. 1 and will continue until Nov. 23. The Special Lecture Series will continue in the following semester under the different theme.

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