University of the Incarnate Word
University of the Incarnate Word
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The city of San Antonio, located in the state of Texas, is a warm and welcoming community that thrives on cultural diversity. The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is just one aspect of San Antonio that gives it such great diversity. With an abundance of international students from all over the world, the campus of UIW is a multicultural mixture of local and foreign students. The campus itself is located near the heart of downtown San Antonio in the scenic Alamo Heights area. An area filled with an assortment of cafés, restaurants, bakeries, shops, museums, and parks, all within walking distance.
UIW is a liberal arts school, offering 75 undergraduate and 25 graduate majors. Students can enjoy small classes with professors committed to helping them succeed. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14 to one and with the average class size being 25, students are able to build relationships that extend beyond the classroom.
From the professors to the atmosphere of the campus, each creates an environment for academic growth and learning. In addition to having committed professors and a beautiful scenic campus, the UIW is thoroughly invested in nurturing the education of its students and preparing them for the real world. This means using the latest means of technology to give students the advantage. With equipment such as Dell Laptops, wired dorms and classrooms, and wireless internet across the UIW Main Campus, students have unlimited learning potential.
Campus life at UIW is also an unforgettable experience. UIW has 75 different organizations, in a variety of different interests for you to participate in. There are an endless amount of events taking place on campus daily, from fundraisers to concerts to events being put on by different organizations. One of the university’s biggest events taking place in December, called “Light the Way,” is not only a big event for Incarnate Word, but also for the community of San Antonio. The entire campus is strewn with colorful lights in the preceding months and at the end of the ceremony the whole campus becomes illuminated. It is an absolutely stunning sight that attracts many tourists and visitors to the campus.
University of the Incarnate Word offers you a diverse curriculum, committed professors, endless cultural opportunities, and so much more! At Incarnate Word, the universe is yours!

* Veronica Riojas is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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