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Ewha launches EUREKA Portal system
Information Portal system redesigned
2011년 11월 04일 (금) 12:57:25 Park Se-ra serendipity09@ewhain.net

The Ewha Portal Information System (EPIS) has been redesigned as EUREKA Portal, which had its initial launch on Oct. 24. It features a new design as well as access to EPIS services with the newly interconnected Single Sign On (SSO) program. Samsung SDS, a global information and communications technology provider renovated the Web site, at the request of the International Information Center (IIC).
Through a one-time login to EUREKA Portal, users can now directly access mail service, the message board, e-filing, document management, electronic payment system, the Intranet, Centennial Library, as well as Ewhain.net clubs, the schedule planner and search services.
Installation of Active-X is no longer necessary. Users can also customize their main pages by adding and deleting contents such as school announcements or mail notices.
One of the most noticeable changes is that the EUREKA Portal is now available also for iOS (Mac PCs). In addition, the site is compatible with tablet PCs and Web browsers other than Internet Explorer 7, like FireFox, Chrome and Safari.
EUREKA Portal prominently enhanced e-mail services as well. With a user-friendly interface, the new portal aims to increase usage by enabling access through mobile devices (http://mail.ewha.ac.kr/m), providing a temporary e-mail saving service, and a transfer service for big files. All of these services are provided for graduates.
“We believe the new design, which boosts accessibility and performance, is the biggest improvement,” said Kim So-hyun, the person in charge of the portal system team at IIC.
Before the redesigned site was launched, the portal linked students to other sites, inconveniencing users because it required them to download Active-X. Also, there were frequent errors occuring during installation. It also did not run on other Web browsers or software like Mac. However the EUREKA Portal’s new emphasis on making contents and services lively and timely for all students will help them connect with a broader range of information easier.
“I am satisfied with the current flood of information I am receiving from the EUREKA Portal,” Hwang Yoon-ji (Architecture, 2) said. “The previous portal that required countless logins and clicks to reach a service I needed was such a pain in the neck.”

Although there are students showing positive responses to the new layout, SSO login system, and other changes, saying they find the new Web site more visually appealing and accessible, there are others who suggest further improvements.
“There are students suggesting that some sites that still require SSO login should be redesigned and applied as well, like the Hanwoori Hall or Career Development Center homepages,” Kim said.
“However, the two sites are currently undergoing an update and will be soon replaced with a new system themselves. For this update, the two sites were excluded.”
The IIC also explained that mobile Intranet services are planned to be updated on the Ewha mobile application in December next year.

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