Ewha cares students for ten years with Ewha Care Net
Ewha cares students for ten years with Ewha Care Net
  • Kim Jin-ah
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Ewha President Kim Sun-uk announced the establishment of the Ewha Care Net (ECN) on Oct. 17 at a press conference celebrating her first anniversary as Ewha president. The ECN is a system through which Ewha manages all students for 10 years since their entrance into Ewha, ranging from career management to financial aid for those who qualify.
One ECN service is the Ewha Future Leadership Scholarship, a full scholarship covering living expenses, which was introduced this year for the first time in Korea. It is to encourage students to concentrate on their studies without having to worry about finances, and the number of beneficiaries will grow to 30 students next year.
Another service provided is an ombudsman system. Each semester, retired teaching staff members volunteer as ombudsmen at a special counseling center that provides students with scholarships, meal coupons and information about part-time jobs on campus. This year, the number of students receiving tuition fees through the ombudsman system was 125 and 172, for spring and fall semesters respectively.
Ewha also strengthened a scholarship system for graduate students to reinforce their talent and capability on research.
According to the newly introduced scholarship starting next year, it will begin enabling students to pay half of their tuition fee for the first two semesters. Moreover, the Combined bachelor and master’s program Scholarship exempts beneficiaries from the entrance fee and covers tuition fees for three semesters at most, aiming at outstanding students who study for both degrees simultaneously in one integrated course.
The last service provided through the ECN is the Career Quotient (CQ), which was developed to help students find their aptitude and vision, with the help of the Career Development Center. The main content of the CQ can be dubbed as “APPLE,” abbreviated from: Awareness of me, Passion, Positive network, Leadership and followership, and Empathic communication. Students’ career statements can be measured through the CQ index, and they receive needed help for each student to grow internally and to take a place as a member of a society after graduation.
Ewha also plans to spend 41 billion won in school scholarships in 2015 by expanding its budget by one billion won each year. The purpose of these programs and services is to decrease the number of students who are compelled to stop their studies due to adverse circumstances, through a paradigm shift in scholarship systems.

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