Students feel need of simplification in using Wi-Fi on campus
Students feel need of simplification in using Wi-Fi on campus
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2011.10.14 13:28
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Whenever Kim Hyun-ju (English, 2) uses the wireless LAN ID provided by Ewha Intranet with her smartphone, she has to repeatedly log in to use Wi-Fi on campus. As Ewha only offers Korea Telecom (KT)’s olleh Wi-Fi, Kim’s phone, which uses SK Telecom, cannot get clear access. All that pops up is a log-in screen.
“I have to continue to log in every time I visit different places in school,” Kim said. “The system was so annoying that I just use the 3Generation (3G) wireless network from then on.”
Students frustrated with complicated procedures to access the Internet want the school to provide easier access to Wi-Fi on campus. Yonsei University, like Ewha, formerly used Wi-Fi service from an external telecommunications company. However, from March this year, the university adopted a self-service Wi-Fi network that allows students to use wireless Internet freely without having to go through the registration process.
“Due to students’ complaints about repeatedly reissuing their IDs after the service period ends, we changed the system,” said Han Jae-sik, an official in charge of network service in the Information System Management Team at Yonsei University.
The IT One-Stop Service Center at Ewha tries to address the problems where students with different mobile Internet service providers have to log in continuously.
The center recommends using the Mac ID authentication system provided through the Ewha Intranet, which allows students to freely use Internet as soon as the registered device enters the school’s olleh Wi-Fi zone.
Ewha students also complain that the Mac ID system has to be reissued after a maximum three months of service.
“I registered for a Mac ID, but I still think it is uncomfortable having to go through all the procedures repeatedly just to get an Internet connection in school,” said Jeong Min-ha (International Office Administration, 1).
Seoul National University has adopted the U+Zone, a type of Wi-Fi zone supported by LG Telecom starting in June this year. The zone provides free access to wireless Internet to everyone on campus without limits.
“We also acknowledge the fact that there are still some problems regarding the efficiency of wireless Internet connections on campus,” said an official of the Information System Management Department, who wished to remain anonymous. “However if the students make inquiries about such problems at the IT One-Stop Service Center, we will ask KT to solve them as quickly as possible.”

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