Improvements in College of Music practice room made
Improvements in College of Music practice room made
  • Moon Bo-ra
  • 승인 2011.10.03 20:20
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The College of Music has changed the long-criticized practice-room reservation system and renovated the practice rooms and halls to be better equipped with air conditioners.
Students had repeatedly complained about frequent errors occuring in the reservation system. The student card sensors often could not recognize barcodes, the touch screens slowed down again and again, and the software program used to break down for a few days at a time. In order to secure a practice room, students had to bear many inconveniences and wait for a long time.
On Sept. 5, a debugged software program was replaced by the previous one in all the reservation computers on both the first and fourth floors. Student card sensors were also changed. To solve the problems related to touch screen malfunction, a computer mouse has been installed with each touch screen computer.
“The old program limited the hours for using a practice room, so we had to hunt for another room after time was up every time. But the new one does not limit the time, so I am very happy with that,” Jang Ji-soo (Keyboard Instruments, 4) said.
However, there are problems in choosing practice rooms even with the new program.
“The system shows both practice rooms and lesson rooms on the third floor as being available, but we are not actually allowed to reserve lesson rooms. Without knowing which room is for lessons, we often get kicked out and have to reserve a different one again,” Yeh Jee-hee (Korean Music, 4) said.
Air conditioners are another improvement that was made this semester. Air conditioners can be found in all the practice rooms, about 13 to 14 per floor, and halls are also included. Although students were not able to practice during the summer vacation due to the construction in the school, students from the College of Music now find the changes quite satisfactory.

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