Step forward needed in student cafeteria service
Step forward needed in student cafeteria service
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2011.10.03 20:20
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▲ Students are selecting menus and lining up to get their food at the cafeteria located in the Morris Hall.
To check how they think on the cafeteria in the Morris Hall, a survey of 533 Ewha students was conducted from Sept. 14 to Sept. 16 by the Student Government Association (SGA). According to the survey, 75.6 percent of students either do not use the cafeteria at all, or use it once or twice a week. The taste, the amount, and the price of food at the cafeteria each received three out of five stars on average. The quality and variety received about 2.5 stars each.
According to the five-star-evaluation, students said the taste is the main cause of their infrequent dining in the cafeteria. Students also said there are only a few choices on daily menus. Students who use the cafeteria more than three times a week credited the price of dishes as their main reason for going.
However, the requirements and the situation are quite different with international students in Ewha. Most of the foreign interviewees who frequently visit the cafeteria find the price reasonable and the taste more than adequate considering its low price.
“The quality of food is generally good although there are often spicy dishes,” Arthur Berger (FH Steyr School of Management, 2), an exchange student at Ewha, said.
As it turns out, the scarcity of Western food on the menu is not a big deal for foreign students. Kelsey Williams (Wellesley College, 3), an exchange student in Ewha, said many foreign students want to try Korean dishes, so a variety of Western food on the menu is not necessarily required.
However, other foreign students said there are some services at Morris Hall that need improvement. “When I went to a student cafeteria in another university, the price of banchan (Korean word for side dish) was included in the main menu’s price,” Anat Schwartz (Temple University, 3) said. “Sometimes pickled yellow radish is the only banchan.”
Other international students pointed out that there is no menu for vegetarians.
Based on the surveyed students’ opinions, the SGA is taking action to improve the cafeteria.
“We gathered students’ opinions on the cafeteria and delivered our recommendations to the school officials at the end of this September,” SGA vice-president Kim Ji-young (Philosophy, 3) said. “We hope the school understands the recommendations and makes improvements.”

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