Student ID becomes only enterance pass to reading rooms
Student ID becomes only enterance pass to reading rooms
  • Lee Ji-hyun
  • 승인 2011.10.03 20:18
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Students will have to use their ID cards to enter Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) reading rooms starting from Sept. 16.
Until now students have accessed the reading rooms using reservation confirmation papers, small pieces of paper printed with the designated seat number and a barcode.
Ewha Centennial Library changed the policy to provide students with fair access to reading room seats and to ensure security.
“Using student ID cards will make sure seats are distributed fairly to all students without one student monopolizing the best spot, and will allow all the seats to be rotated to every student equally,” said a staff from the library who wished to stay anonymous.

Some students were positive about using student ID cards instead of barcodes.
“The reservation confirmation paper easily gets wet or torn, so students had to reprint them,” Ahn Ah-young (Elementary Education, 4) said. “Now that we use the student card, extra printing will not be needed any more.”
However, others reflected disappointment about the change. “It will be inconvenient to use the room just with our student cards,” Lee Hye-jin (International Studies, 2) said. ”It was easier and simple for me to use the reservation confirmation paper as the entrance pass.” 
The change only applies to ECC reading rooms, not those in the Ewha Centennial Library.

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