Ewha increases its reserve fund for scholarship
Ewha increases its reserve fund for scholarship
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2011.10.03 20:14
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Ewha decided to increase its reserve fund for scholarship from 74.7 billion won to 209.7 billion won on Sept. 18. The increase is approximately three times larger than the former amount.
By keeping the principal amount of the fund and only using the accrued interests of the fund, Ewha is now capable of providing extra scholarship of about six billion won each year. The increased scholarship reserve fund now accounts for 31.9 percent of Ewha’s total sum of reserve funds.
“Students are having difficulties with high tuition these days and we wanted to help relieve such pain the students had to face,” said Oh Soo-Geun (Law), the president for the Office of Planning and Coordination.
“We have not yet decided on how to use the increased scholarship reserve fund. However, we are trying hard to find ways to efficiently distribute the fund for our students,” Oh said.

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