Connect yourself into Korean lifestyle with
Connect yourself into Korean lifestyle with
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▲ Anthony Leong, a blogger signed into Buzz Korea, visited various Korean scenic sites during his visit, including Sinheungsa and Bulguksa.
For those who are unable to adjust to Korean culture and in need of help, there is an online platform to guide you through. Arranged by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), “buzz KOREA” ( is a website that can be seen as a guidebook to Korean life.
With the rapid development of social media, the KTO organized the buzz KOREA campaign to introduce Korea through foreign voices using Facebook, Twitter, Ameba, QQ, and more. The four main objectives that KTO seeks are: Connect, Captivate, Communicate, and Create. Bloggers are able to connect with each other by sharing their captivating experiences in Korea and communicating these stories in a creative and original manner.
“As a campaign reflecting the global online media, many power bloggers and twitter users are working to support buzz KOREA. Voluntary posts on Korea by bloggers presented through i buzz are spread once again through social network services,” said Kim Hyun-hee, a member of the KTO brand marketing team.
Though the objective is to provide blog posts, KTO also provides flash introduction to Korea through “Touch Korea.” This interactive content, in the form of a madang (yard), provides historical, entertainment, and lifestyle information necessary to grasp a sense of Korea.
▲ Becky Meverden, a crafter living in Korea, makes Korean ornaments such as the Chilbo (Korean Enameling) and Hanji (Korean Papercrafting).

The link that seems to be most enjoyed is the “Make a Korean Name,” with 365 “likes” by viewers. Traditionally, one’s date of birth is used when making up a name. Here, people insert their name, gender, date of birth, and time of birth. With the information, the site provides users with three suitable names from which they can choose.
For young visitors, there are links on how to enjoy Korea to the fullest. Of the many, the link most viewed is “Fashion of the Jjimjilbang (Korean spa).” This link teaches viewers how to make lamb ears using a towel, something many people do at a jjimjilbang.
“I have not been able to experience much of Korea, but through buzz KOREA, I was able to approach Korean culture with ease. It provides a foundation for interaction where I can sympathize with people like me. Now, I visit several blogs regularly,” Kim Hyo-ju (Sogang University, 1) said.
The most widely utilized part of buzz KOREA is online blogging. The KTO brings together posts written by people that have registered and categorizes it into 11 themes on Korea. There are English, Japanese, and Chinese divisions, and visitors are allowed access to all posts.
“Regardless of nationality, for those interested in Korea or wanting to participate in buzz KOREA, all can visit the Web site and be a part by enjoying various contents and programs provided by the KTO,” Kim said.

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