University Health Service Center renewed official homepage
University Health Service Center renewed official homepage
  • Jang Youn-hee
  • 승인 2011.09.17 12:36
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▲ The renewed UHSC’s official homepage looks like the above. There are many improvements on various services such as English online appointment service.
The University Health Service Center (UHSC) renewed its homepage ( on Sept.1. With the renewal of the homepage, the UHSC also changed a few services into more useful ways. The changes made it easy to make online appointments and access medical checkup results. Also, the online appointment is now available in English with its newly updated  homepage.
Ewha students are delighted at the renewal of the UHSC homepage.
“I’m very excited about the online appointment service,” said Becky MacKenzie (Central Washington University, 4), an exchange student to Ewha. “At my home school, we don’t have this kind of service. If other universities including where I belong were to have an online system like this, school life would be much more convenient.”
“I planned to visit the UHSC after visiting its refreshed homepage,” said Park Ju-kyung (English, 2). “Through the homepage, I could recieve  information about various diseases and ways to get vaccinations as well.”
The renewed homepage is provided in both English and Korean in order to help students understand roles and services of the UHSC as the health and medical institution of Ewha. Besides the online appointment service, one of the most popular services among students, who want to get vaccinated or get a physical checkup in order to enter the dormitory, has been improved.
“Even though we provided the freshmen with brochures of the UHSC, they do not know how to visit us and how to use the services,” said Kim Joo-young, a faculty member of the UHSC. “I hope the renewed homepage will let all students know about the services and basic information of the UHSC.”

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