KCRI offers culturally-rich opportunities for Ewha students
KCRI offers culturally-rich opportunities for Ewha students
  • Lee Hea-won
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The Korea Culture Research Institute (KCRI) is holding a program, “Making a Global Ewhaian” from Sept. 22 at the Ewha-POSCO Building. According to the KCRI, “Making a Global Ewhaian” program aims to teach about Korean culture to raise awareness of the excellence of Korea’s culture for 10 weeks.
By taking the lectures, Korean students will exert greater pride and obtain a clearer sense of their identities as Koreans.
“Having a deep understanding of one’s culture gives a greater sense of one’s true identity,” said professor Choi Joon-sik (Korean Studies), the director of KCRI.
Renowned for writing over 50 books related to Korean culture, professor Choi will be lecturing himself. Preparing for this mass project since 2010, he has studied various topics in Korean culture, such as music and art. With the lectures taught in Korean, the program is recommended for anyone fluent in Korean.
The next program by KCRI, however, may be taught in English, though not officially decided.
Anticipating for the program’s lectures, students express their keen interests in exploring Korean culture through this program.
“As I am unfamiliar of Korean culture, I would like to learn and experience Korean culture through this great opportunity,” said Kim Ji-hyun (Liberal Arts, 1), who was born and raised in Thailand.
Giving his final remark, professor Choi recommends all Ewha students to utilize this special opportunity, available for the first time in Korea.
“Deep understanding of Korean heritage allows us to realize how precious our country’s culture is. After acquiring this, we then can learn to appreciate other nations’ cultures, making us ‘global’ Ewhaians,” professor Choi said.

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