SGA Dareun Ewha posts fulfillments of its first-half term
SGA Dareun Ewha posts fulfillments of its first-half term
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2011.09.17 12:24
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The 44th Student Government Association (SGA), Dareun Ewha, meaning different Ewha in English, posted its briefing on pledge fulfillments of the first half year of its term around campus and on its online club Web site ( Dareun Ewha consists of Ryu Ea-seul (Political Science, 4) as president and Kim Ji-young (Philosophy, 2) as vice-president.
Under the motto, “For the different future of Ewha with the power of the students,” the SGA proposed the following pledges: Reducing tuition, Establishing the reserve funds, Resolving the controversies over the Paju campus, Providing a better educational environment, Reinforcing the SGA’s role and community and enhancing student autonomy and welfare. The pledges also included making a better environment in libraries, increasing preparations for employment and campus cultural life, and extending scholarships.
There were also changes made in one of the pledges as the previous plans for the implementation process did not fit well with current situations.
“Plans to strengthen the departmental communities through a chorus competition was changed because the SGA could not directly meet with all the freshmen and had to focus on bigger issues such as reducing the raised tuition,” said Ryu Ea-seul, the president of the SGA.
The SGA implemented some of the pledges during the first semester. SGA froze the 2011 tuition for summer and winter sessions and enhanced better conditions for the education system in Ewha.
“Tuition struggles are not something that can be easily solved in one semester which makes it hard to evaluate the SGA, but I believe the SGA of Ewha has played a leading role in making half price tuition much of a social issue,” said Lim Su-jin (International Office Administration, 2).
Starting from March 2012, a program that calculates the credits needed for graduation will be setup on the Intranet followed by the credit accumulation system which will start in the fall semester of that same year.
Over the semester, SGA has also worked to extend scholarship beneficiaries. For 2011, total 400 million won worth scholarships will be available to the students from Ewha and 800 million won from private institution.

Moreover, scholarships have now been extended for the freshmen from the increased tuition they paid.
Minor improvements have also been made for campus facilities.
“There are still many unfulfilled pledges and demands that Dareun Ewha has to satisfy this year,” Ryu said. “Nowadays the SGA is preparing to put more emphasis on half price tuition and start a cut-price drive on campus. We will continue to pay a close attention to fellow Ewha students for feedbacks and requirements on our activities.”

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