Wanted: The Perfect Candidate For Prime Minister
Wanted: The Perfect Candidate For Prime Minister
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In a month, the National Assembly rejected two of President Kim Dae-jung"s prime minister nominees. First, Chang Sang, former president of Ewha Womans University, and now Chang Dae-whan, former president of the Maeil Business Newspaper.
This is the first time in history to have two prime minister designates voted down without saying how many more appointees until the National Assembly finds the " perfect" candidate for prime minister. Concerns over who will take over the "No.2" post are voiced as the vacancy remains unfilled for well over a month.
Nevertheless, the advantages gained from the fastidious procedure in selecting the next prime minister have been worthwhile.
The rejection of the two prime minister designates were more or less decided in the two-day confirmation hearings that preceded the floor votes. The ethical standards of the two appointees were brought under intense scrutiny and their financial dealings questioned.
After the National Assembly vetoed President Kim"s first nominee, the criteria for the next nominee were forecasted to be even tougher, especially with the feminist groups scrutinizing each move made by the National Assembly amidst concerns that a female candidate was subjected to sexist standards. Therefore, the National Assembly"s rejection of the second appointee was more easily predicted.
A new emphasis was put on the morality of the candidates during the two confirmation hearings. This has definitely been a good sign. Even if this was the Grand National Party"s calculated move to out manuever the current administration in preparation for the next Presidential election, the new awareness of the "morality" issue raises new hopes.
The emphasis put on the ethical standards of each candidate must persist until the next prime minister designate is elected and also until the Presidential election in December. The public now has higher standards in filling high administration posts.
It is time that the politicians put themselves on the line by proving to the public both their morality as well as their own fitness for the job.

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