Construction, reconstruction and renovations progress on campus
Construction, reconstruction and renovations progress on campus
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2011.09.01 11:34
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Ewha presented its campus master plan on July 1 during the Campus Master Plan Propulsion Meeting and unfolded the plan on constructing a new dormitory building and industrial-educational building, along with the reconstruction and repairing of other buildings around the campus.
The new dormitory is planned to be a seven-story building located near the Hanwoori Hall. While Hanwoori Hall can accommodate 800 students, the new dormitory will be able to house about 1,400 students.
A new industrial-educational building that is shared with the Global branch of Solvay will be built between the Asan Engineering Building, New Engineering Building, and Science Buildings. The building will be equipped with the R&D Center of Solvay and the school’s arithmetic research area.

In addition to the construction of new buildings, Ewha also plans to reconstruct and repair buildings that need mending.
Ewha has made evaluations of 48 buildings on campus based on three main criteria: Structure, Functionality, and Aesthetics. After, each building was categorized from “A” to “E” with “A” being most satisfactory and “E” needing imminent repair.
Hak-gwan received the lowest assessment; a “D” for structure, “E” for functionality, and “D” for aesthetics. The school plans to start discussions for reconstruction by the end of this year.
Basic facility improvements on campus buildings are planned to be completed by 2012.
President Kim Sun-uk wishes the efforts of renovating the campus be productive in all manners.
“We wish to create an alluring environment where research labs, living space, and a space of learning can harmonize, while sustaining Ewha’s original beauty,” Kim said at Ewha’s 125th anniversary dinner.

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