MRC directs social entrepreneurs
MRC directs social entrepreneurs
  • Oh Yoon
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The Ewha Management Research Center (MRC)’s New Business Model and Innovation Center has commenced its program to care for the new social enterprises before their launching in the market since its opening ceremony on July 29 at room B308 in Ewha-Shinsegae Building. The program was commissioned to the MRC by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency on April 21 and MRC has recruited and selected the social enterprises.
Total 14 social enterprises, which aim to solve social problems such as multi-culture, environment, women, and poverty, have been selected as the project business models in May. The selected teams are the followings: Hello Gorila, Sosojajak, Unlimited Study, Misalim, Zoomzoom, Brave Cupcake, Degree Show, Mamas, Space Plus, Talk Talk, Nodutdol, Note In Between, Joshua Tree, and Di-street.
All teams have received consultations and education from the MRC and went to Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do as in-situ survey from Aug. 5 to 6. The teams also received several educations on business related subjects such as social enterprises and marketing strategies from the MRC. The teams also have received consultations on Aug. 19 and 20 from the MRC mentors.
The MRC plans to continue the mentor program and professional supports until the project ends in May 2012.
“Our final goal is to raise future social entrepreneurs and to establish stable social enterprises,” Lee Keun-hwa, a mentor of the New Business Model and Innovation Center said. “We also plan to introduce already existing prosperous social enterprises in the market to the participating teams.”
The participants are favorable to the project and hope to yield success through the project.
“The mentoring program is leading our team into the direction we wanted. We want to influence the society ethically and make art something that is more sustainable than consumerist art while we can earn enough for living,” said Yoon Bo-ra, one of the members of the Space Plus, which brings art into spaces and hopes to practice sustainable art through ethic entrepreneurship.

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