ITL provides academic English expression MP3 files
ITL provides academic English expression MP3 files
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2011.09.01 11:32
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The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) will provide free academic MP3 files for professors and students this semester, containing essential English expressions required in providing or taking courses in English. The ITL came to produce such MP3 files due to active demands of professors and students.
According to the ITL, some professors who are fluent English speakers said that they needed support on studying accurate expressions and pronunciation for better course instruction. Currently, there is a seminar, “Expressions for courses in English” for professors who wish to learn professional English expressions that are related to their majors.
In the case of students, according to a survey done by ITL, a number of students confided that they were often distressed and confused during classes in English, because they did not know how to make certain expressions and sentences in English.
“I was reluctant to speak up at classes in English. I think the MP3 files will make me feel ready and confident enough to actively participate in classes,” Park Go-eun (Fiber Arts, 1) said.
ITL also received students’ requests in choosing critical and necessary English expressions which need to be learned via e-mail and Twitter during this summer vacation while ITL also extracted useful phrases from open lectures of foreign universities for professors.
“We thought that it would be more effective to make audio files both for professors and for students rather than just uploading lists of expressions,” said Yi Yoo-jin, a staff member at ITL.
The MP3 file-making is not one-off, but will be continued for the meantime. The MP3 file provision is planning to be available on the Web site of ITL ( starting from the second week of this September.

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