Superstar announcer says: Go out and explore the world
Superstar announcer says: Go out and explore the world
  • Park Se-ra
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▲ Like her role model KBS announcer Hwang Soo-kyung, Park says she wants to become an announcer constituting a long and respectable career herself one day.
The traditional mold of a stereotypical “TV announcer” might not fit for Park Eun-young (’01, Dance).
Since stumbling upon dance at the age of 9, Park opened a cadre of performances as a member of the Little Angels. Now she is a KBS announcer and star in the world of show business.
Park, 29 years old, credits much of her prolific career to timing, powerful mentors, and a little good luck, as she entered the scene just as announcers and entertainment programs had a renaissance. Along the way, Park has become the gold standard when it comes to “annou-tainer,” a word formed from “announcer” and “entertainer.”
Park did not have much time to focus on her future when she was wrapped up in dance for 15 years. However, while studying at Ewha, she often tagged along with her boyfriend to the library, who was studying for the state-entrance examination. That was when she found out how seriously others were about their futures.
“I discovered how laid-back I was; it was time for me to write my own ticket,” Park said. “As I became a senior, I became restless thinking about my future. I even completed a course in teacher education and thought of all the possible options, just like any college student.
“One day, I was sitting there, staring at the wall, and thought: ‘Wait, becoming an announcer is what I have to do.’ Something clicked,” Park said.
▲ Park Eun-young (’01, Dance) was the host of the outdoor concert that was held to celebrate Ewha’s 125th anniversary at the ECC Valley on May 31.

Park had finally found something  she thought was a good fit for her. The announcing world started to fill in the empty blanks in her life. She immediately fell in love with the flavor, color and spirit of it all.
Park was quick to reject the possibility of regret entering the industry.
“When I get to interview artists of a good age, I always ask if there were any moments when they regretted that they chose their career. Amazingly, I still have not met a single person to answer yes,” Park said.
Park says their passion rubbed off on her.
During the five years at KBS, opportunities arose for Park to touch into different programs like culture, sports, news or entertainment, instead of being locked up to a certain image and program.
“I’m so grateful to get to experience so many different facets of the announcer’s world at KBS, and every part brings a new and different challenge,” Park said.
One of Park’s long-term goals is to host a talk show that can not only be entertaining  but also meaningful. Park picks “Come on over (Nol-lo-wa)” as one of her favorite programs.
“I am in awe of these good hosts; it takes a tremendous amount of focus and continuity and skill to create a full, rich show on screen,” Park said. “I’m just on the staircase, trying to climb my way up.”
The day before the interview, Park received news that she was selected to be the main announcer of the Yunyega Report from June, which is the top of the pyramid for annou-tainers. Yunyega Report is a weekly program for reporting news related to the entertainment industry.
“I will be airing on Yunyega Report, and both the technical challenges and creative angle of the show being in primetime, and live, make it very exciting to be a part of,” Park said. “I can’t wait to embark on this adventure with the production team.”
Unlike the calm and sharp image anchors carry, personable and humane might be words for Park. Her heart goes out to undergraduates at Ewha. She said she hopes students enjoy their lives as college students while they are here.
Park, who spent her last years at school in anxiety, suggests that others enjoy the “heyday of their lives,” as she put it.
“There are things that you can do only at that time, when you are allowed and excused as a student. I regret missing out on that part of my life,” Park said. “Whatever you will be doing, whether it is studying, traveling, or extracurricular activities, I hope you can chip in the utmost effort. Go explore the world that awaits you.”

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