Students receiving scholarship have first meeting
Students receiving scholarship have first meeting
  • Kim Jin-ah
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The Office of Student Affairs had the first meeting with 19 students who received Ewha Future Leader Scholarships at Jinseonmi-gwan on May 23.
The chief and vice chief of the Office of Admissions as well as two other professors participated in the meeting. They encouraged students and asked questions about the students’ all-round campus lives since March.
At the beginning of this year, 19 students were selected as the scholarship’s first recipients and a certification ceremony was held on March 29. Ewha Future Leader Scholarships are given to students with high academic abilities and growth potential, but who face adverse economic conditions.
The scholarship includes tuition fees for four years of college and 500,000 won as monthly living expenses. Existing scholarships around universities only support tuition fees. However, Ewha is the first university in Korea  to introduce a scholarship that supports students’ living expenses as well.
Students who received the first Ewha Future Leader Scholarships are those who have set specific goals and have done their best in their majors so far. They were given the scholarships from the first semester of this year.
The scholarship has a positive effect on its holders’ academic lives by providing an environment to concentrate on one’s study solely.
“Before I applied to Ewha, I had many worries in financial aspect. I thought and worried that high tuition fees and living expenses would be a big burden on my parents,” said Kim Bo-rah (Korean Education, 1), one of the scholarship students. “Literally, I can concentrate on my academic studies without worries about money with the scholarship.”
Ewha plans to increase the number of students who receive Ewha Future Leader Scholarships from next year through a system of admitting students based on their potential as future leaders. Freshmen who will be given the scholarship can get at most 75,000,000 won for through the four years of college.
Through Ewha Future Leadership Scholarships, Ewha is going to encourage outstanding students to concentrate on studies despite their financial conditions, and the Office of Student Affairs has a plan to gather opinions of students who get the scholarship through meetings every semester.
“We expect that brilliant students with financial difficulties can map out their visions and make their dreams come true through this scholarship. Also, we wish they could grow as future leaders,” An Yoon-jin, a staff member in the Office of Student Affairs, said.

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