Ewha signs agreement with Solvay
Ewha signs agreement with Solvay
  • Park Kyung-min & Lee Min-jeong
  • 승인 2011.06.04 16:05
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Ewha signed an agreement to set up joint R&D Center with Solvay, a Belgian multinational chemicals group at the Pfeiffer Hall on May 30.
Ewha is the first Korean university to build global R&D Center. Ewha will provide the research environment and global research network. Solvay will establish the R&D Center and Headquarters Global Business Unit Special Chemicals, and share know-how for constructing infrastructure in research studies. Solvay will also financially aid Ewha to construct industrial-educational building at Ewha.
At the ceremony, President Kim Sun-uk and Christian Jourquin, Solvay’s CEO, delivered speeches on the collaboration.
“Ewha expects to generate synergies from working with Solvay who has supported numerous scholars including Marie Curie. We hope to find the next Marie Curie at Ewha from this joint venture,” president Kim said.
Jourquin also remarked on the joint venture. “We will develop products that will help resolve global problems in the 21st century with Ewha,” Jourquin said.

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