College of Music supports student orchestra, Sorimoa
College of Music supports student orchestra, Sorimoa
  • Moon Bo-ra
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The launching ceremony of the student orchestra Sorimoa organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and supported by student orchestra project committee was held at the Samsung Hall of the Ewha Campus Complex on May 2. The student orchestra project committee consists of 13 music professors and 11 Ewha professors from the College of Music.
A total of 65 elementary, middle and high schools were selected to operate an orchestra with the support from MEST. The selected schools are located in rural areas where many students come from low-income families, lack sufficient infrastructure, and therefore do not have the opportunities to receive proper musical education. The orchestras will practice separately in their local community and unite to play as Sorimoa on special occasions such as the festival at the end of the year.
One of the objectives of the MEST to form Sorimoa is to provide students with chances to learn about cooperation and foster sensitivity through the musical activity. The MEST finances the project by lending musical instruments to students for free and inviting renowned artists such as Jo Su-mi, Kang Dong-suk, and Kim Duk-soo.
Ewha College of Music supports the project by educating and planning events for Sorimoa. It will also recruit its students as volunteers to go to rural areas and become mentors for the student orchestra members. Also, students will participate as staffs in the festival in November, the first event in which orchestra members from all regions assemble and harmonize a melody.
“Ewha College of Music decided to give support to Student Orchestra because we wanted to spread the positive trend of sharing talent and contributing to community among colleges,” said professor Chae Moon-kyung, the dean of the College of Music.

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