Ewha celebrates May Festival of 2011
Ewha celebrates May Festival of 2011
  • Namkung Yoon
  • 승인 2011.05.23 10:43
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This year’s May Festival, or Daedong Festival, was held for three days from May 18 to 20. Arranged by the Student Government Association (SGA), the festival’s keynote was to make everyone participate in the festival so that students become one throughout the celebration.
May Festival had three themes for each of the days: The first day started out with “Humanitas Day,” aiming to make students become aware of their mutual relationships with others. Events such as Ewha students playing sports games with exchange students and laborers at the Athletics Track, and a market place held by the Ewha laborers at the Student Union Building were carried out.
On “Humorous Day,” the second day of festival, students participated in a pizza and chicken party that was held at the grass field next to the Main Gate. A preview of the movie “Play” and a performance of the indie band, 10cm, were also held to add the festive atmosphere. On the “Harmony Day,” a cheering ceremony and a tug-of-war event were carried out at the grass field, wrapping up the May Festival by unifying students through the activities.
The festival’s festivity was even more encouraged by annual blue booths with students selling delicious snacks and drinks or promoting their club activities around the campus buildings.

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