The place to find passion of young entrepreneurs
The place to find passion of young entrepreneurs
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Dreaming Youth Store sells and supports fresh ideas
The Dreaming Youth Store took the first step towards its success on April 7 in Sinchon.
Although there was a boost in establishing businesses among youth, it wasn’t actually easy for common people to see and experience innovative items developed by youth in daily life. However, Seoul City recently opened up a store, where items created by young entrepreneurs are on sale. The first store in Seoul opened on April 7 around the Myeongmulgeori Street in Sinchon. The official name of the store has not been decided yet, but uses the working title of Dreaming Youth Store.
The Dreaming Youth Store is a co-brand, which acts as a proxy in advertising items produced by young entrepreneurs’ own brands. Seoul City selected 83 individual brands launched through a project held by Seoul city, which helps youth start businesses through financial and administrative support. Seoul city screened and evaluated those brands’ growth potential and the business value of the items, finally selecting 200 items to be displayed.
Seoul plans to promote the store as the second brand of Seoul, after its previous one, Hi Seoul. The store aims to tackle the problem of unemployment among young people.
“Seoul City sells various products of young entrepreneurs through the Dreaming Youth Store,” said Kim Yong-yeon, one of the assistant managers of the Seoul Business Agency. “Seoul City induced co-branding method, which is a bit aggressive as a substantive way than mere financial aids in pushing youth unemployment down.”
Generally, youth entrepreneurs have difficulties in opening up a market and promoting their products for one to three years after starting their businesses. This is why Dreaming Youth Store, which acts as a promoting agency, supports young people who seek to launch their own brands through co-branding.
In order to improve reliability and the value of the brand, the store pays careful attention to investigating and selecting each product. For rigorous management, analysis of sale results for each item is done every three months. Products that show poor sales results and frequently incur customer complaints are substituted with new items to induce mutual competition and growth.
Unique accessories, cotton goods, and other goods made by young entrepreneurs are on sale in the Dreaming Youth Store.

The store has been drawing highly enthusiastic and positive responses from customers. Some said that they were impressed with products with unique designs, and the fact that in some cases the manufacturing process considers environmental factors.
“T-shirts that were made from corn protein fiber were particularly appealing and caught my attention immediately,” Oh Ye-jin (Advertising & Public Relation, 3) said.
On the other hand, there are also some customers who pointed out a sense of disappointment with the store.
“I think the store is charmingly decorated and there are many innovative products,” Kwak Hae-min (Sungkyunkwan, 3) said. “Although people are able to enjoy looking around products from diverse sub-brands, I think each displayed item is insufficient in supply.”
Dreaming Youth Store is open all year around from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., except during national holidays. Furthermore, customers can receive explanations from staffs about products, the store itself, and programs on starting businesses, which is provided by Seoul City.

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