Ewha, Get Physical! 2
Ewha, Get Physical! 2
  • Oh Yoon
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To take a couple hours off of the daily academic grind, here are some on-campus facilities to check out.

ECC Fitness Center: Run on treadmills and lift weights at Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). The fitness center is equipped with the latest fitness facilities including indoor rock climbing. Stop by the center to stay fit with the help of experts. The fitness center also has equipments to measure body composition analysis.

Location: At the fourth basement floor, room 422, ECC

Fees: 40,000 won per month; Group exercise: two group sessions priced at 60,000 won and four sessions priced at 70,000 won; Body composition analysis: 2,000 won; Indoor rock climbing lessons: 70,000 won; Personal trainer: 240,000 won for eight weeks and 30,000 won for a single session

Expected time consumptions: 30 minutes to two hours (depends on personal exercise hours)

Registration period: Any time. The ECC fitness center accepts personal training program from the third week of every month.

Inquiries: (02) 3277-2559

Swimming Pool: Water sports are also a good way to stay fit. They offer swimming lessons in different levels. If you are looking for something extraordinary, try in-water exercise programs.

Location: Third basement floor at the Morris Hall

Fees: Lessons are 40,000 won for one month, two per week; in-water exercise programs are 100,000 won for one month, two sessions per week; free swimming is 5,000 for a single ticket and 20,000 won for 12 tickets.Registration period: existing members register on Monday to Wednesday of the fourth week of each month; new members register from Thursday to Saturday of the fourth week of each month.

Inquiries: (02) 3277-2555

Student Union Fitness Center: If routine exercises like treadmill running or swimming bore you, the school also provides alternatives. Try squash or yoga for a change or may be even jazz dance for some fun.

Location: the first and the second floor of the Student Union building

Fees: squash lessons are 80,000 won for three times per week for eight weeks and 60,000 won for two times per week for eight weeks; yoga, jazz dance and pop dance classes are 40,000 won for two classes per week for four weeks

Expected time consumptions: One hour a time

Registration period: year around

Inquiries: (02) 3277-2938

Tennis Court: The tennis court is open to students to use and receive lessons.

Programs: tennis lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced

Fee: Lessons are 100,000 won for three times per week for eight weeks.

Registration period: On weekdays, year round


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