How to improve school image
How to improve school image
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▲ Doh Mun-jung(International Studies, 1)
When I was admitted to Ewha, my friends told me about how Ewha students were notorious for their arrogance and extravagance. I could not help but worry if their words were true, so I searched for information of my would-be school. I found so many criticisms of Ewha on the Internet that I even reconsidered my decision to go to Ewha.
Now, after spending nearly a month at Ewha, I know that those criticisms were groundless rumors. Based on my experience so far, there is nothing arrogant or extravagant about Ewha students. I have made many modest friends, and the fashion of Ewha students is just as casual as that of other universities’ students. As I know my initial perception of Ewha was wrong, I am glad that I became a part of this university and plan to enjoy school life as much as I can.
However, I am worried about the widely spread misconception of Ewha. Considering the fact that I even thought about ignoring my admittance to Ewha because of the school’s distorted image, if we do not correct the distortion, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, it is crucial to make efforts to gradually change the school’s image.
The first step that must be taken is to increase the number of programs that introduce Ewha to outsiders. If more people witness the true state of Ewha, the dissemination of malignant rumors about the school would eventually cease. Also, the school should evaluate and upgrade existing programs such as Ewha Campus Tour. For example, after the tour is over, the school can question tourists’ overall satisfaction about the tour, and reflect their opinions in future tour programs.
The second step is rather obvious, but most important. The students of Ewha should show heartfelt kindness to everyone they meet. We should keep in mind that every one of us is a face of Ewha, and people evaluate our school based on how we speak and act. My mother developed a positive image of Ewha after receiving kind service from students and faculty when she first came to view the campus. Such an example shows how much sincere kindness plays a pivotal role in upgrading the school’s image.
Ewha is now preparing to transcend its status as one of Korea’s most prestigious universities and become a global education institute. To fulfill its ambition, apart from enhancing its education, it should improve its domestic image. Without gaining domestic approval, earning worldwide acknowledgment may be a hard goal to reach.

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