SGA launches Humanitas
SGA launches Humanitas
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▲ The recruiting poster for Humanitas Booking Club is posted on the bulletin board.
The Student Government Association (SGA), Dareun Ewha, has organized a committee called Humanitas. The committee was approved by the student council in its general meeting on March 15. From that day, Humanitas was created to make Ewha campus a place where intellectuals can express their ideas and thoughts.
Because there are many lectures and classes about leadership and job information on campus, the SGA launched a campaign more centered on humanities. Humanitas, which means touches of humanity in Latin, was formed to get students involved in cultural events and help them learn and share knowledge. During Dareun Ewha’s term, Humanitas will sponsor activities including the Humanitas Booking Club, Volunteer Full of Life, and the Company Project.
“Dareun Ewha thought that Ewha needed more campaigns for humanity and intellectual improvement in such a competitive society,” said Jung Yoon-ji (Law, 4), who is in charge of the Humanitas committee.
For the Humanitas Booking Club, the committee plans to invite famous writers to the school and organize meetings where students and writers can share their thoughts and reading methods. 
“There are some books that students find hard to read. By reading together, it can be solved by the book club,” Jung said.
Furthermore, the volunteer program, Volunteer Full of Life, encourages students to participate in social actions. It is mainly about using students’ knowledge and talents to meet the community’s needs. “For the volunteer program, we had education sessions for about two weeks,” Jung said. “We are most likely to volunteer to help people in Seongbuk-gu. This program is also in tandem with students from other universities.”
The Company Project, which focuses on problems at Ewha, will provide support to people with Ewha connections. The program’s purpose is to understand and exchange thoughts about problems that students and faculties have.
“At present, the problem that school janitors face is what we are trying to help out with,”Jung said.
Since Humanitas is about making school life more humane, its programs are open to all Ewha students. On March 23, SGA held an orientation for Humanitas, and approximately 100 students participated.
“I wanted to expand my knowledge in the field of humanities, and thought that reading books is necessary,” Kim Hye-ryung (Journalism and Media Studies, 1) said. “Also, I like to discuss what I have read with many people.”
To join the Humanitas, visit Humanitas Web site (

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