University Internet communities bridge students and social acts
University Internet communities bridge students and social acts
  • Park Kyung-min
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Network of 15 universities in Seoul named “UCAN”
Students from 10 universities gathered in Junggye-dong, Seoul on Feb. 16. Students distributed total of 3,200 coals to 16 household at a volunteer work, which UCAN organized with the Babasang Welfare Community, and Yontanbank and supports from Neo Wiz.

Universities’ Internet communities gathered to create another community in the hope of connecting university students to participate in social action. University Community Administration Network (UCAN) consists of 15 different universities’ student communities in Seoul including Ewha’s online community,
UCAN was established in 2010, believing that the users of respective internet communities can help each other and society by coming together.
“As each university’s community was operating as its own, UCAN helped each university’s students to communicate and share information,” said Lee Seung-hun, the founder and the chairman of the board. “In the meantime, it seemed that separated university communities was limiting and severing relationships with other universities. I thought it was necessary to connect the Web sites to share ideas in managing student communities.”
Lee contacted and visited the manager of each community in 2008, and nine managers agreed to organize UCAN. They also agreed to share their management knowledge and elaborate their services outside of members of UCAN.
“UCAN is also helping other universities to build up their Internet communities by sharing the experience of what UCAN members have gone through,” said Park Jong-chan, the President of UCAN. “Every university community can join if they share the idea of participating in giving back to society,” Lee said.
On Feb. 27, four more communities joined UCAN. After its establishment, more communities contacted the community to join. Now, 15 communities are figuring out ways to improve their individual sites and provide coordinated services.
For the service projects, UCAN seeks to organize social actions that students from all 15 universities can participate in.
“Since UCAN always bears in mind that university students can help society, volunteer service is going to be organized constantly,” Lee said. “It is our goal to bring about schedules for monthly volunteer work.”
After a thorough examination in late 2010, UCAN started delivering charcoal briquettes to the poor as one of its volunteer works. The first work was set for Feb. 16 in Junggye-dong. A total of 114 members from 10 different communities signed up to lend their hands. After preparation and basic orientation, students were grouped to deliver total of 3,200 charcoal briquettes to 16 houses.
“We are also going to hold seminars or lectures for the students,” Lee said. “Currently UCAN is planning on having lecture sessions during the summer vacation where students can participate and be connected. The lectures will be about freedom of speech, communication, welfare and empowerment activities.”
For UCAN’s information and upcoming projects, check its Web site ( or contact (

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